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Why Do People Need Dentures and False Teeth?

As kids if you were lucky, you never had to go through wearing braces to align your teeth. However, if this was you and probably more than 50% of the population of growing teens then you know the struggle of having to wear braces. However, even before you wore it did you have to have an extraction leaving you with gaping holes in your teeth and hoping that it will be covered by the braces?

Whether we are children or adults no one likes having missing teeth. Sometimes it can be at the back of our mouth which in that case is alright but when it is visible to others it takes a hit at our self-confidence. People have missing teeth for various reasons and sometimes we do not even realize it. This is where dentures and false teeth become a great advantage. So, what can the possible reasons be?

Dental Disease

Bad teeth such as cavities are one of the main reasons many adults require extractions. This can be due to bad oral hygiene but there is also a connection that is hereditary. If you have had a long line of bad teeth in your family then you are most likely to as well as part of your genes. Cavities are the wearing off of the enamel exposing the nerve underneath.

This is not only very painful but can also lead to heart failure if let unattended. This is why getting a tooth filling is needed if you feel like you may have a cavity. However, if you have had more than 3 teeth extractions this could pose a problem. You may need to have partial dentures for back teeth  to ensure you can still eat food. These can help you to do more of the chewing. Consult your dentist to find out what the best solution will be for you.


Many people loose teeth due to accidents whether it is sports, road accidents or even a fall. This usually affects the front teeth of the mouth and will need rectification as soon as possible. If it is just one tooth false teeth are the way to go. Here a tooth is designed to look similar to your existing mouth. It is then fixed in a way that looks very natural. This way you do not have to feel self-conscious about teeth missing in your mouth.

Deteriorating Teeth

There are various reasons for deteriorating teeth; they can be due to bad health, bad eating habits or the excessive use of substances. Either way if you have deteriorating teeth your dentist may suggest using dentures or false teeth as a way of covering it up.

This not only protects your existing teeth but will hide them too. You will however need to take extra care of your teeth in this case. These improvements in oral care have made a remarkable change to how people go about their daily lives.

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