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Patients Eligible for IV Sedation Dentistry

Visiting the dentist can be a stressful experience for many people and there are some people who have a fear of undergoing dental procedures which can be very difficult when it comes to maintaining proper oral health. It is recommended that you visit the dentist once in six months but this will definitely not be a pleasant experience for you if you have dental anxiety or a phobia. But there are options you can consider for this as well without avoiding the dentist entirely and risking your oral health.

You will need a trained dentist

Or a dental anaesthesiologist to administer IV sedation and the medication used will differ according to the requirements of the patient and the nature of the procedure. Sedation or sleep dentistry is an option you can consider if you have dental anxiety. You can meet with the dentist beforehand and discuss your anxiety with them so they can come up with certain solutions. You can write any question you want clarified beforehand so that you can ask this at the consultation. If you are having a dental emergency, you can find a 24 hour dental Cleveland where the dentist understands your situation and makes you feel comfortable during the procedure. But you will need to research and find a clinic that offers this service and also operates as an emergency dental clinic. However, it is not just patients suffering from dental phobia that can benefit from sedation dentistry. If you are undergoing extensive dental work that can go for a long duration, the dentist can offer IV sedation so that you can manage your pain better.

There are also patients

That have a strong gag reflex and this can be a hindrance when performing certain procedures like placing a dental appliance. But this instinctive urge to gag can be reduced with this type of sedation which makes the procedure more comfortable for you. And it will help the dentist complete the procedure quickly as well without putting too much of a strain on you. Certain patients with special needs also benefit from IV sedation as this makes it easier for them to manage the dental procedure. It makes the procedure less stressful. Sometimes you may have a physical impairment that can make dealing with dental procedures difficult or a developmental disability that can make it extra stressful to undergo dental procedures.

If you have a fear of needles or dental procedures,

You can ask your dentist whether they can offer IV sedation dentistry so that you feel more at ease during the process. And if you have more than one procedure to complete in one dental visit, IV sedation can make the process easier on you. It can be difficult to manage discomfort for a long time. However, not everyone is eligible for IV sedation dentistry. There are certain health conditions that will stop you from being eligible such as respiratory problems, heart or liver disease. Also, if you are pregnant or currently breastfeeding, you will need to consult with your physician before undergoing IV sedation.

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